Though originally intended for release in late 2013, it was pushed back to early 2014 to allow for a greater investment of time and resources. The game was released worldwide on 31 March 2014, predominantly through digital distribution including online store platforms Steam and, published by the developer themselves. Limited retail physical copies are planned to be published in Europe by third party publishers including EuroVideo who are publishing a “Limited Collector’s Edition” with a figurine, soundtrack and digital content codes in central Europe while Techland are publishing a “Special Edition” with a guide and stickers, with Namco Bandai and Buka published standard retail copies in other European countries. The digital versions also have pre-purchase bonus missions as well as the option of a “Deluxe Edition” that comes with a digital copy of the soundtrack and a further additional mission.

Age of Wonders 3 Release


Golden Realms

An expansion titled “Golden Realms” was announced on 21 August 2014 and released 18 September 2014 as digital downloadable content. The expansion features a new playable race, in the form of Halflings with their own unique units, buildings and abilities, utilizing a “luck mechanic” to aid in combat. The Halflings also have a dedicated story campaign, following the race’s struggle and return from distant lands following a massacre of their kind from the point of view of the Halfling warlord Ernest Thistlewood. The expansion also features new wild/non-player locations and units, along with new relics and perks to discover and two standalone scenarios that utilize the new features, while all races gain defensive structures when defending in siege battles. New specializations and upgrades are also available, including unique civilization advancements that can only be used once per game by the first player to meet a certain criterion. A new mode called “Seals of Power” allows an additional victory condition where players must seize and defend a number of independently guarded seals randomly placed across each map.

Age of Wonders 3 Golden Realms

Eternal Lords

A second expansion titled “Eternal Lords” was released 14 April 2015 digitally, a year after the original game’s release. This expansion is more substantial – featuring two new playable races, the humanoid ice dweller “Frostlings” and the bipedalfeline “Tigrans” from previous Age of Wonders. The second major addition is a new Necromancer class for all races who specializes in raising the dead, ghoul versions of race specific units and spreading disease. Both major additions come with further new units, abilities and play styles. The expansion also features new mechanics to the core gameplay such as new specializations for good, neutral and evil alignments including powerful new units and powers and considerations for race relations that can impact empire development and diplomacy. In addition, cosmic happenings that can alter or provoke players on the map and a new “Unifier” victory type for both randomly generated and new pre-set games where players must construct unity beacons in order to win. A new campaign story about the struggling Frostling kingdom from the point of view of the Frostling Necromancer Arvik the Dark incorporates the new elements, giving player choice throughout the story. A free update was also released alongside the second expansion to improve variety between the playable races such as race specific bonuses and unit updates.

Age of Wonders 3 Eternal Lords