In Russia and Post-Soviet states the game was found offensive by many users and critics for portraying the Red Army commanders as cruel, using their own soldiers in an almost cold-blooded way, exaggerating brutal war tactics. After the video made by the Russian blogger BadComedian (real name – Evgeniy Bazhenov), thousands of people have signed a petition demanding Steam to block the game in cis countries. The petition brands the game as “disgusting.” In 2013 the sale of the game was banned in Russia.

Company of Heroes 2 Criticism in Russia

Russian game publisher 1c-Softclub stopped distribution of the game on 26 July 2013 due to the strong negative feedback (notably a petition to stop the sale that was filed by the game players). Following the news, the game’s publisher Sega released a statement that they were “taking this issue very seriously and are investigating these concerns thoroughly with all relevant partners”.

Company of Heroes 2 Criticism in Russia Wallpaper