Livestream: Week 12.-18. March


Week 12.-18. March Stream Times


    Righty folks, sorry but I have to take this week off from streaming. Got concussion to the bruised ribs, but luckily no broken ones. So next stream will be on Monday the 19th with Age of Wonders. Oh yeah btw we just made it to #twitchaffiliate WEYYY ARGH CAN’T LAUGH IT HURTS



Note!!! No Age of Wonders 3 stream this Monday! I had a ski crash and got bruised ribs and a skier’s thumb – so I try to switch the AoW3 stream from Monday to Friday. Right now my left thumb can’t handle a controller but let’s hope this works out until Wednesday for Dark Souls 2…

Slash “/” indicates not decided yet at the beginning of the week or playing all those games.
50% indicates “Stream not sure yet” – 100% indicates “Stream happening!”

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Everything is subject to change because of real-life or my mood. 😀 I will update the timings+calendar during the course of the week. So streams might start later or earlier, especially on the weekends.

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