Livestream: Week 30.-06. May


Week 30.-06. May Stream Times

  • 100% Wednesday: Afternoon-Night | Dark Souls II
  • 100% Thursday: Afternoon-Night | Dark Souls II
  • 100% Friday: Afternoon | Shadow of Mordor
  • 100% Sunday: Afternoon-Night | Shadow of Mordor/Stellaris?

Slash “/” indicates not decided yet at the beginning of the week or playing all those games.
50% indicates “Stream not sure yet” – 100% indicates “Stream happening!”

Click to go to my Twitch-Channel or watch here.

Everything is subject to change because of real-life or my mood. ­čśÇ I will update the timings+calendar during the course of the week. So streams might start later or earlier, especially on the weekends.

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