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Here’s a video of @SeattlePD pigs riding up beside a comrade and then throwing them against the wall and arresting them. Fuck 12 https://t.co/tnwmEKWmbA

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. Just 20 minutes before that, Seattle Police officers were recorded running into pedestrians with their bikes, and then violently arresting the victims for what they claimed was assault. Even for SPD, yesterday was a vicious escalation. (🎥: Jerry Savage) https://t.co/R7NT4rO9dD

Holy fuck. You guys need to check out this video of the protest in Seattle yesterday. This SPD officer *trips over his own bike*, and then uses it as an excuse to violently attack and arrest a protester 10 feet away from him (who was moving backwards, obeying orders). Appalling. https://t.co/sHU389ieGH