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Pokemon Black 2″>Pokemon Black 2 playthrough in a mix of English and German. My Pokemon team consists of Twitch viewers and friends. I tried overtuning and voice acting the NPCs in the game, worked really well, YES. Sadly with Pokemon Black 2 the same happened as with my Dark Souls playthrough – my pc died and I lost all savegames. I might continue from the point my pc died once tho, but not sure if I can recall all the voices then, even had problems while playing. ­čśÇ If you like sexual shittalk you should checkout the episode “Pornstar Studios”.

In the Pokemon Black Version 2 game, players can explore new areas, discover gyms with new leaders and see how everything has changed in the last two years.

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More Information about the Game
Role Playing Nintendo DS Game by Game Freak
Official Homepage
Nintendo is the Copyright Holder ┬ę 2012

Singleplayer Live Gameplay by Man of the West (2016).
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Recorded with Xsplit

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