Stellaris: Patch Update Hotfix 2.0.1


Hotfix patch after Apocalypse DLC and “Cherryh” update. Next update will be bigger, but the hotfix fixes some nasty bugs. The dev-team points out that with this hotifx the post-launch support is not done yet. Every patch balances completeness with speed, there are more fixes coming when they have time to implement and test them. Larger, more comprehensive support will continue in the coming days and weeks. If you are new to Stellaris follow this link to find out more about the game.

Here’s the contents of this patch:

  • Fixed processing/grid amalgamation/livestock purge types being broken
  • Fixed a bug where a fleet split from its parent would forget the previous hyperspace jump and get stuck in systems with FTL inhibitors indefinitely
  • Fixed several out of sync bugs in multiplayer
  • Fixed some missing/broken localization in various languages
  • Fixed upgrading ships wrongly having their XP deleted
  • Fixed some UI visibility issues on certain screen resolutions
  • Fixed misleading costs displayed for building mining/research stations
  • Fixed Admirals being unassigned from a fleet during combat
  • Fixed FTL inhibition effect not being removed when you downgrade a starbase

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