XSplit: Version 3.3 – Macros, Multitrack Audio and more!


XSplit 3.3 has arrived!

If XSplit 3.2 was the fastest XSplit ever, version 3.3 is more about flexibility, adding important new features and options to a streamers toolbox. This update for both XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster will pave the way for more exciting features and improvements down the line. Here’s a quick video summary about XSplit 3.3

The biggest feature of this release by far is Macros, which allows you to setup a variety of automated actions that can be triggered in variety of ways. There’s a lot that can be done with this feature! I highly reccomend checking out XSplit’s Macros blog post.

Another highly requested feature is the ability to separate microphone and system audio in recordings which is also now possible in this version. This provides more flexibility for post processing your recordings using third-party applications. This feature is also available in XSplit Gamecaster along with some other nice additions such as Mixer chat, follower and subscriber alert, and Twitch Cheers support.

Find the full list of new features and bug fixes in this update below.

Patch Notes 3.2.1711.2927 -> 3.3.1803.0502

Features and improvements

  • CPPCORE-1367 – Faster/simplified media information retrieval in Recordings window
  • CPPCORE-1400 – New windows capture mode on Windows 10
  • CPPCORE-1422 – Persist camera video input settings
  • XBC-3447 – Integrate native RTMP stream source
  • XBC-5570 – Option to save separate audio tracks for mic and system audio
  • XBC-6446 – Add plugin category in permissions list
  • XBC-6483 – Make options for browser source to force reload
  • XBC-6541 – Encoding on high DPI settings shows wobbly stage
  • XBC-6594 – Add desktop (monitor) selection in the source properties
  • XBC-6721 – Categorize hotkeys in settings
  • XBC-6744 – Different color for the center horizontal and vertical lines for snap to grid
  • XBCPLUGINS-72 – Macros extension
  • XBC-6651 – Option to upload log files
  • XBCPLUGINS-876 – Improvements to YouTube Live plugin flow
  • XBCPLUGINS-791 – Update title bar text when performing pre-stream bandwidth test or ingest selection
  • XBCPLUGINS-1003 – YouTube Live: Allow to set New Live Event end date to exceed 24 hours
  • XBCPLUGINS-1022 – YouTube Live: Add “Ultra low-latency” option
  • XBCPLUGINS-1149 – Niconico: Increase audio bitrate support for up to 192 kbps
  • XBCPLUGINS-1172 – Facebook Live: Add 1080p bitrates
  • XBCPLUGINS-1174 – YouTube Live: Allow max bitrate to go beyond the max value noted in Video Encoding tooltip


  • CPPCORE-1443 – Fix crash in stream recording allocation
  • XBC-4983 – Incorrect scene name displayed on the permissions window after swapping scenes
  • XBC-5343 – Crash may occur with RSS reader via the Text plugin
  • XBC-5744 – Title bar may show “Live” even though it is not
  • XBC-5941 – Elgato Game Capture WASAPI audio issues
  • XBC-6119 – Video audio gets de-sync when using WASAPI output
  • XBC-6264 – 4K video may stutter and display artifacts when using CPU mode
  • XBC-6470 – Settings window can be launched before prestream dialog opens
  • XBC-6628 – Possible crash during login when XSplitBroadcaster virtual camera is used on TeamViewer
  • XBC-6662 – Stream gets stuck restarting when attempting to reconnect
  • XBC-6767 – Disallow changing Audio Input for Elgato HD filter to avoid video stutters
  • XBC-6798 – Incorrect GPU usage value on the bottom panel
  • XBC-6814 – Some sources reload on change of language
  • XBC-6818 – Folder location reverts to default upon reboot when network path requires credentials
  • XBC-6820 – XSplit Game Source Helper may be visible on certain setups
  • XBC-6857 – Some windows are scaled small on high DPI settings
  • XBC-6858 – Open file dialog is left open when source properties window is closed
  • XBC-6881 – Add Stinger & Stinger Creator – Failure to convert files
  • XBC-6895 – HTML tags are parsed on the Permissions window
  • XBC-6902 – DivideByZeroException occurs on logout/exit for newly created accounts
  • XBC-6907 – Silent crash on exit when Projector is still open
  • XBC-6909 – Unhandled exception occurs when using illegal character in editing stinger name
  • XBCPLUGINS-623 – Presentation packager may crash during export process
  • XBCPLUGINS-921 – Crash encountered while changing the interval for Media Slideshow
  • XBCPLUGINS-1071 – Text: Adding the plugin on stage gets very laggy if many fonts are installed
  • XBCPLUGINS-1115 – Presentation Packager: Unable to load video files
  • XBCPLUGINS-1137 – “Error #100 Invalid planned start time” when creating new scheduled live video
  • XBCPLUGINS-1167 – Facebook Live: Continuous multiple clicks lead to multiple opened windows
  • XBCPLUGINS-1176 – Video encoding bitrate on the tooltip do not adjust when toggling the audio bitrate – affects Facebook Live & YouTube Live
  • XBCPLUGINS-1138 – Pre-stream dialogs are scaled small on high DPI settings – affects Twitch, YouTube Live, & Facebook Live
  • XBCPLUGINS-1157 – Youtube Live: Live events become missing if a troubled live event is not ended

Known issues:


  • XBC-4909 – Elgato GameCapture HD/HD60 captures may lag or stutter on some systems
    Note: On Win 8.1/10 we recommend the following settings:
    1. Right click Elgato source and UNCHECK Internal decoding
    2. Use GPU video processing mode: Tools -> settings -> advanced -> Video processing mode: GPU
  • XBC-5095 – General Settings can get stuck on loading with laggy internet connection
  • XBC-5523 – XSplit may freeze on startup due to Nahimic audio software
    Note: We have requested Nahimic to whitelist our executables which may come as a future update to Nahimic audio software. In the meantime, users are advised to shut down Nahimic software when using XSplitUPDATE: This should be fixed with the latest Nahimic software update.
  • XBC-6212 – Intel RealSense keying does not work even after installing prerequisites
  • XVE-226 – Express Video Editor: Crash when exporting very large video files (For retesting)


  • CPPCORE-521 – Audio/Video desync with Axis IP Cameras running on RTSP
    Workaround: Enable WASAPI option in Tools > Settings > Advanced tab
  • CPPCORE-769/XBC-4232 – Audio Preview gets delayed
  • CPPCORE-901/XBC-4667 – Setting the Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI device as “Audio Input” can produce a crackling sound
  • CPPCORE-965 – Issues with Darkest Dungeon (OpenGL)
  • After changing game resolution from 1080p fullscreen to 720p windowed, the game capture becomes cropped on the stage
  • Mouse cursor displayed on the stage and on the game are also mismatched
  • CPPCORE-1046 – Application may freeze on disabling of sound device by while capture card source is on stage
  • CPPCORE-1098/XBC-4475 – Intel Quick Sync bandwidth usage goes beyond set bitrate
  • CPPCORE-1150 – Capturing with “Rise of the Tomb Raider” on DX12 results in DXGI error with AMD Crossfire

Note: We have seen this issue to be driver-related and has been reported to AMD. For now, please disable the CrossFire configuration to be able to play the game in DX12.

  • CPPCORE-1184 – Game FPS drops by more than 50% when DX12 game is added as source – Forza
  • CPPCORE-1338 – Input stuttering/slowdown on scene transitions
  • (M37) CPPCORE-1360 – RTSP source does not restart if connection is lost
  • CPPCORE-1363 – AVerMedia Live Gamer HD2 may lose audio or video after changing resolution (Video Output settings)
  • When switching between 480p and 720p/1080p, video may become black while audio stays on. Workaround: Set colorspace to YUY2 and then back to MJPEG, then restart PC as needed
  • When switching between 720p and 1080p, audio may be gone while video stays on. Workaround: Click Refresh on the source property page
  • CPPCORE-1382 – Windows 10 Game Mode may cause output recording to have low frame rate
    Workaround: Disable Game Mode via the Game bar button in Win10 (Creators Update & up)
  • (M37) CPPCORE-1451 – Performance/Encoding Issues on Intel Hades Canyon NUC
  • (M37) CPPCORE-1463 – Native RTMP source can sometime playback video and audio out of sync
  • XBC-5539 – Application momentarily freezes on close of plugin store after installing a source
  • XBC-5628 – Unmuting from a recording device can result in some audio crackling on some systems
  • XBC-5645 – Diamond VC500 capture dongle shows “camera is not available” screen
    Workaround: Set Audio Input of source to None
  • (M37) XBC-5633 – Newtek NDI Output can desync over time (for retesting)
  • (M37) XBC-5828 – Desync is present in Hauppauge devices while using WASAPI Audio Render
  • XBC-5865 – Browser sources always restarts even if “Keep source in memory” is enabled on WASAPI render or device change
  • XBC-5962 – Logitech C922 frame rate mismatch on manual configuration
  • XBC-6063 – Strict CBR checkbox is available on the Reconfigure Stream dialog for hardware encoders
  • XBC-6271 – Issue with resolution of Avermedia C353 encoder
  • (M37) XBC-6428 – Some video becomes black and loses aspect ratio when pushed to Live scene; Crash happens when repeated a few times
    Note: Affects AMD GPU only
  • (M37) XBC-6471 – RTSP feed may stop when pushing to live scene then eventually crashes
    Note: Green feed happens on GPU mode only; Crash happens in CPU & GPU mode
  • (M37) XBC-6490 – Skype video source stutters when using XSplitBroadcaster virtual camera as Skype camera
  • (M37) XBC-6598 – Elgato Stream Deck fails when mixer is initially loaded and triggered on Split mode
  • XBC-6673 – Xbutton1 and Xbutton2 don’t work on Application Mode when used as hotkey combinations
  • (M37) XBC-6694 – Source copy-paste info dialog may not appear if Push Live is triggered
  • XBC-6717 – Hotkey combo bound to mouse button may not trigger corresponding hotkey in the app
  • (M37) XBC-6841 – Source properties may not load and appear as blank only
  • (M37) XBC-6911 – Application may crash when closing plugin store
  • (M38) XBCPLUGINS-492 – Per Scene audio is only limited to 100 for the volume settings
  • XBCPLUGINS-597 – Video Playlist: Playback completely stops on a missing video in the playlist
  • XBCPLUGINS-631 – YouTube Live: Unable to stream to a new event while embed is allowed
    YouTube API does not currently allow
    Workaround: Uncheck “Allow embed” on the broadcast details popup
  • (M37) XBCPLUGINS-1114 – Media slideshow: Clicking on stepper arrows for interval causes memory usage to increase
  • XVE-262 – Express Video Editor: Gray preview after quickly deleting chunks of file
  • XVE-311 – Express Video Editor: Certain video resolutions will not load in Windows 7 and 8.1, and crashes in Windows 10
  • (M36) XVE-330 – Express Video Editor: Application skips frames and may play incorrect frame timeline when adding multiple videos one after another finishes playing
  • (M37) XVE-331 – Express Video Editor may not show
  • XVE-360 – Express Video Editor: Saved/exported video loses audio


  • CPPCORE-546 – Source Transitions do not reflect crop settings for Sources.
  • CPPCORE-964 – AMD VideoCodecEngine (VCE2) recordings results in noticeable video pixelation after component update – affects broadcast plugins
  • XBC-2960 – “Skype Video” flickers when mini video window is opened
    Workaround: Calls > Call settings > Show advanced settings > Uncheck “Show call controls when Skype is in the background”
  • XBC-3178 – Projector can show thumbnail previews of other scenes if projecting specific scenes that is not the active scene
  • XBC-3347 – Text (Duration and Timer) refreshes when changing System Sound device
  • XBC-3874 – Streaming plugins with NVENC shows “Variable” for Frame rate mode (local recording is ok) (FPS is constant, but Mediainfo show variable due to a small time stamp variation on the first few frames)
  • XBC-4316 – Source Properties dialog loses focus on changing camera sources
  • XBC-5017 – Prompt to save settings may appear after confirming the restart prompt from Advanced Settings
  • XBC-5038 – Mask file for Skype source is not applied right away while offline unless source is refreshed
  • XBC-5084 – Preview Editor prompts to save changes to an unchanged scene after swapping to it via Go Live
  • XBC-5129 – Sources can stick to the mouse on dismiss of a dialog
  • XBC-5144 – “Adaptive bitrate” option value is retained on the Reconfigure Stream window after switching from x264
  • XBC-5562 – Video size on reconfig stream dialog appears as default if set the same with the stage resolution
  • XBC-5608 – Stopping a just-started stream shows a growl that the stream has delay enabled when there is none
  • XBC-5721 – Mouse cursor not rendered when capturing some UWP applications
  • XBC-5722 – Built-in overlays on some UWP applications are not rendered completely
  • XBC-5940 – ALT key menu bar interaction may not work after window activation by keyboard
  • XBC-5960 – System.InvalidOperationException occurs when repeatedly opening and closing some submenus
  • XBC-6405 – “Remember Playback position” may still be applied when hardware acceleration for video playback is enabled
  • (M37) XBC-6605 – Transition time can be set to non-zero for Cut transition
  • (M37) XBC-6904 – Splash screen and login window can be displayed simultaneously
  • XBCPLUGINS-328 – Reconfigure stream dialog can be accessible after stream, with delay enabled, has been stopped
  • XBCPLUGINS-330 – YouTube Live channel properties shows ‘no data’ on Extra Param but shows ‘with data’ from the Reconfigure Stream dialog
  • XBCPLUGINS-336 – FC2: Max bitrate limit is ignored after changing codec value
  • XBCPLUGINS-337 – Tooltips specific to HTML plugins are not triggered on hover after clicking the property dialog’s title bar
  • (M37) XBCPLUGINS-610 – Presentation Packager: Exporting as zip file using symbols in file name reflects a different directory and presentation name
  • XBCPLUGINS-633 – Dailymotion: Application is stalled to a non-responsive dialog on start of stream while no internet connection
  • (M37) XBCPLUGINS-948 – Text: Duration timer’s maximum value is less than 6 hours

Known limitations:

  • A bug in some Nvidia’s driver versions (incl 337.50 and 337.88) prevents some functions in XSplit Broadcaster from working on Laptops with GTX 8XXM GPUs. Nvidia has released updates to its drivers to resolve this problem. Drivers from 340.52 and up resolves this issue
  • CPPCORE-399 – Screen capture issues with multi-GPU combination (Exclusive mode window capture is disabled on multi monitor systems where monitors are connected to separate GPU’s)

        See Notes on limitation.

  • CPPCORE-875 – Virtual camera does not work with Lync/Skype for Business; Affects Windows 8.1/10
    Lync/Skype for Business cannot see XSplit Broadcaster because it does not support DirectShow capture sources. Some Microsoft applications only support native hardware driver and XSplit does not provide this yet.
  • CPPCORE-902 – AMD VideoCodecEngine bitrate goes higher than the set bitrate
    This has been reported to AMD.
  • Some Origin-enabled games (eg. Mirror’s Edge – DX9) may crash or freeze. A workaround for the moment is to disable Origin overlay by going to Origin client’s Application Settings -> Origin In Game -> Uncheck “Enable Origin In Game”
  • XSplit Broadcaster may not be compatible with other similar applications that capture games running at the same time (i.e.: MSI Afterburner, Fraps).
  • To resolve issues with MSI Afterburner, users may try either of the following: Run MSI Afterburner after XSplit Broadcaster, or set the “Application detection level” to “Low” in the RivaTuner properties.
  • In DirectX11 games (for example World of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed 3), XSplit Broadcaster will not enter into game and cannot capture when Fraps is running. UPlay and Steam has the same problem, since Fraps prevents any other software from capturing in DX 11.
  • XSplit Broadcaster is incompatible with some games using GameGuard for anti-cheat protection, hereunder Hero of the Obelisk and RF online. 
  • On Enduro laptops running Win 7/8 (Laptops with Switchable graphics running Intel CPU/iGPU and also extra AMD dGPU), XSplit only supports power saving mode (running the program on the iGPU). This is due to the issue reported here. (This issue has persisted since 2013 and has only been corrected for Win 10)So if running AMD Enduro laptop on Win 7,8 your best options are:
    1. Set XSplit to run in power saving mode in the laptop settings, which means it will run on your intel GPU (not great for game capture if your games run on the AMD dGPU)
    2. Upgrade to Window 10, then you should be able to run XSplit with high performance mode.
  • AMD Mantle Graphics API and Vulkan is not supported by GameSource
  • Nahimic Audio Solution and ASUSTeK Sonic Suite may cause XSplit applications to freeze. These software inject themselves into processes and have been known to cause our application to freeze. As a workaround, it is advised to disable these software to avoid freezes in XSplit applications.

If you are looking for the release notes of the previous version, please look here.


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